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The Ultimate Cuba Travel Guide (Updated 2021)

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The Best Ways to Get Around Cuba

Getting to Cuba:

Getting to Cuba: While there are 10 international airports in Cuba, the Aeropuerto Internacional José Martí in Havana is the main one, with the Gualberto Gómez International Airport in Varadero being a close second.

Flights: You can check for the best flights to Cuba on Skyscanner.


Transportation: Look for the Viazul buses, which are made especially for tourists and feature air-conditioning. Great for long distances, you can travel from Trinidad to Havana in six hours for just 25 pesos.

You will want to arrive at the station in advance to get a spot.

Trains: The train system in Cuba runs the length of the island and is a good way to meet the locals.

Go from Havana to Santa Clara for just 20 pesos, or from Santa Clara to Santiago de Cuba for 50 pesos. Be advised that the trains only run every few days, so planning ahead is key.

Taxis:  Taxis are an alternative way to get around Cuba.

Fares start at 1 peso as a flat rate and increase by 1 peso for each kilometer traveled.

To travel from Old Havana to Miramar, for example, costs 8 to 12 pesos.

Car Rental:  It is possible to rent a car in Cuba, but it is expensive and can be convoluted. Take care when you do. Check rates and availability here.

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